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Bid No. Project Name Time Contactor
18200122Bid of Procurement of Comprehensive Service of Cleaning and Green Maintenance in Zhangjiang Student Life Park for Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine University 2019-04-19Guan Yang
19100603Bid of Service of bus - renting for Pudong Science and Technology Park 2019-04-18Zhao Lili
18201149Bid for Procurement of fixed suppliers of consulting service of Engineering Cost for Shanghai Uninversity 2019-04-17Guan Yang
19401301复旦大学附属眼耳鼻喉科医院浦江院区技防维保服务 2019-04-16Shi Xin
19401401复旦大学附属眼耳鼻喉科医院浦江院区消防维保服务 2019-04-16Shi Xin
18110905Bid of Procurement of Steam Turboset for Pudong Haibin Renewable Center 2019-04-16Fan HongLiang
19601401Bid of ERP system for Shanghai Zhaoxin Integrated Circuit Corporation 2019-04-15Bao Qi
17308852The bid for Book Agent of SISU 2019-04-15Zhang Yinchong
19303001Bid for Construction and Operation Agency of Xia Yan Road Rental House Project 2019-04-12Hu Xinhuan
15403045老港再生能源利用中心二期工程调试物料采购 2019-04-11Pei Bingke
170001DCBid for 170001DC 2019-04-10Zheng HongMin
18317603Bid of Key station hydrological comparison (Wu Yukou) for Shanghai Hydrological Station 2019-04-08Xu Di
18407116Bid for Completion Archives Service Project of JinQiao Tong IV Lot 09-02 and Lot 11-01 2019-04-08Zhang Yinchong
19303301Bid of Financial Supervision Units of Construction Projects Below the Quota ?for Xujing 2019-04-08Wang Jun
17200512Bid for Procurement of Hardware and Software of Transaction Clearing System for Shanghai Clearing House 2019-04-08Liu Zhouye
17321213Design Solicitation Project of Jiangnan Characteristic Park of Shanghai World Expo Cultural Park 2019-04-08Frances Yu
16105243Bid of Construction of Gas Pipeline Drainage Project in Taihe Sewage Treatment Plant at Tailian Road 2019-04-02Xu Zhuao
18110903Bid of Procurement of the Gas Cleaning System for Pudong Haibin Renewable Center 2019-04-02Xu Zhuao
18200125Bid of Procurement of maintenance services of boiler equipment and facilities for Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine University 2019-04-02Liu Zhouye
19300601Bid of Design for Zhou Pu Youth Sports Training and Activity Centre 2019-04-02Hu Xinhuan
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