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Bid No. Project Name Time Contactor
16105151Construction Bid of Water Supply, Sewerage & Gas Pipelines Restoration at Hongqiao Wastewater Treatment Plant2019-05-13Xu Zhuao
19101701Bid of Financial Service Project for Shanghai Pudong International Airport2019-05-10Zhang Jing
18104604Bid of Project Management for Zoumatang Reformation Project2019-05-09Xu Zhuao
14401525世博村J地块商务办公楼物业管理服务2019-05-09Qian Wenkai
17401003上海烟草集团有限责任公司上海烟草储运公司原料物流二部雨污水系统改造2019-05-09Qian Wenkai
17202449Bid for Procurement of new recruiting suppliers from different places and locally entrusted for JiaoYin Enterprise Service Technology Branch2019-04-30Han Jun
15401433世博会地区A13A-01地块新建营业办公楼项目室内设计2019-04-30Qian Wenkai
17601411Bid of Office Furniture of New Building for CSDC(SH)Bid of Basic Environmental Equipment of Bamboo Garden Data Computer Room for CSDC(SH)2019-04-30Bao Qi
18407117Bid for Foundation Pit Monitoring of JinQiao Tong IV Lot 09-02 and Lot 11-012019-04-26Zhang Yinchong
18407118Bid for Pile Foundation Detection of JinQiao Tong IV Lot 09-02 and Lot 11-012019-04-26Zhang Yinchong
19303201The Bid for the 2nd Construction of JieYi service Platform of Minhang Health Planning Commission2019-04-24Zhang Yinchong
17107202Bid of Procurement for X-optical scanning imaging analysis system accessory of Shanghai Zequan technology co., Ltd.2019-04-23Zhao Lili
18318401International Urban Design Scheme Solicitation for Shanghai Chuansha Sub-center2019-04-22Hu Xinhuan
18200122Bid of Procurement of Comprehensive Service of Cleaning and Green Maintenance in Zhangjiang Student Life Park for Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine University2019-04-19Guan Yang
18201149Bid for Procurement of fixed suppliers of consulting service of Engineering Cost for Shanghai Uninversity2019-04-17Guan Yang
19401301复旦大学附属眼耳鼻喉科医院浦江院区技防维保服务2019-04-16Shi Xin
19401401复旦大学附属眼耳鼻喉科医院浦江院区消防维保服务2019-04-16Shi Xin
18110905Bid of Procurement of Steam Turboset for Pudong Haibin Renewable Center2019-04-16Fan HongLiang
19601401Bid of ERP system for Shanghai Zhaoxin Integrated Circuit Corporation2019-04-15Bao Qi
17308852The bid for Book Agent of SISU2019-04-15Zhang Yinchong
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