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Bid No. Project Name Time Contactor
19106801Bid of Site Survey ,Design and Civil Work for Advanced Treatment and Reconstruction Project of YangShuPu Water Plant 2019-10-21Zhao Lili
18110210Bid of Procurement of diesel generators for Haitong Security Zhangjjiang Base (2nd) 2019-10-21Fan HongLiang
15601518Bid of Zhangjiang Trading and Related Systems Expansion and Replacement Project Server 1 Purchase for CFFEX 2019-10-18Bao Qi
170001E7Bid for Procurement of Study on Appearance Quality Evaluation Technology of Alcoholized Tobacco Leaves from 2019 to 2020 for Shanghai Tobacco Group Co.,Ltd. 2019-10-18Zhang Qing
163365BYBid of Accounting accounting outsourcing for Tongji University 2019-10-17Xu Di
18110915Bid of Procurement for Air Compressor Station System of Pudong Haibin Renewable Center 2019-10-17Zhao Lili
18101224Bid of Procurement for the Valves of Zhangzhou Pujiangling Incineration Power Plant 2019-10-16Zhao Lili
19100610Bid of construction of Monitoring System for Pudong Science and Technology Park 2019-10-16Zhao Lili
18406110浦东新区北蔡社区Z000501单元03-02、03-03地块租赁住房项目一期基坑监测 2019-10-12Li Lizao
17600629Bid for Software and Hardware Equipment and Integrated Services in Test Environment for PBCCRC 2019-10-11Bao Qi
19103801The bid of construction for Chengjiazhen Water Plant 2019-10-10Cloud Shen
17602681Bid of Maintenance of taxiway circuit facilities for Shanghai Hongqiao Airport 2019-09-30Wang Jin
14401533世博村J地块商务办公楼项目架空地板 2019-09-29Li Lizao
19100611Bid of Service for Coster Bus of Pudong Science and Technology Park(2nd) 2019-09-27Zhao Lili
19401503崇明北沿二期一阶段海塘达标工程工程量清单及招标控制价编制 2019-09-27Yu Hao
1950280119502801 2019-09-27Zheng HongMin
18406109浦东新区北蔡社区Z000501单元03-02、03-03地块租赁住房项目施工监理(标段一) 2019-09-26Li Lizao
17405409上海博物馆东馆新建工程消防工程专业分包 2019-09-26David Pan
17600630Single Source Negotiation Procurement of ORACLE database in external test environment for PBCCRC2019-09-23Bao Qi
19300526Bid of 2018 energy use unit energy use report and carbon emission report review for Shanghai Municipal Environment and Environment Bureau, Atmospheric Environment and Climate Change2019-09-20Xu Di
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