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Bid No. Project Name Time Contactor
18101222Bid of Procurement for Safety and Protection System of Zhangzhou Pujiangling Incineration Power Plant 2019-08-27Zhao Lili
18101223Bid of Procurement for Plant liquid spray system of Zhangzhou Pujiangling Incineration Power Plant 2019-08-27Zhao Lili
16600721Bid of National Carbon Emission Trading System Computer Room Rental for SUA 2019-08-26Bao Qi
19402701上海烟草集团浦东烟草糖酒有限公司2019年度~2021年度体检服务供应商 2019-08-22Zhang Yi
19402301上海博物馆文物保护基地(局部)安全能级提升工程设计 2019-08-21Pei Bingke
18103005Bid of Construction of High Quality Drinking Water Technology Demonstration Project 2019-08-21Zhang Jing
19100608Bid of construction of One Card System for Pudong Science and Technology Park 2019-08-19Zhao Lili
17601106Bid of Qualified Providers of Enterprise Open Information Integrated Interface Services for SHCIS 2019-08-16Bao Qi
19300519Bid of Work projects for Soil Ecology and Environment Department of Shanghai Eco-Environment Bureau(Establish a list of soil pollution risk management and repair for construction land) 2019-08-15Xu Di
163365BOBid of Beidou displacement monitoring for Department of Geotechnical Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, Tongji University 2019-08-13Xu Di
14102554Bid of Service of evaluation of occupational disease hazard for Zhuyuan Sewage Treatment Plant 2019-08-13Fan HongLiang
18101221Bid of Procurement of 110KV(GIS)Gate for Extension Project of Zhangzhou Pujiangling MSW Incineration Power Plant 2019-08-09Fan HongLiang
163365BMBid of Variable air volume ventilation system for School of Chemical Science and Engineering, Tongji University 2019-08-07Xu Di
18406106浦东新区北蔡社区Z000501单元03-02、03-03地块租赁住房项目基坑围护设计 2019-08-06Li Lizao
19100607Bid of Construction for Hot Pump Station of Pudong New District Health School 2019-08-05Zhao Lili
19301303The bid for Purchase of FTA Card in 2019 of Shanghai Public Security Bureau Minhang branch 2019-08-05Zhang Yinchong
19104001Bid of construction for decoration for Yonghe community N070601 unit 076f-02 plot business operation project 2019-08-01Lu Kai
19300520Bid of Work projects for Soil Ecology and Environment Department of Shanghai Eco-Environment Bureau(A comprehensive survey of the distribution of solid waste storage sites in Shanghai in 2019)2019-07-26Xu Di
18201222Bid for Procurement of upgrading and transformation of information computer room for Public Relationship Office Of Shanghai Municipal Government2019-07-23Han Jun
19300518Bid of Work projects for Soil Ecology and Environment Department, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment(Shanghai Groundwater Survey and Evaluation in 2019)2019-07-23Xu Di
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