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Bid No. Project Name Time Contactor
170001FFBid for Infrared moisture meter of Shanghai Peony flavor and fragrance Co., Ltd. 2019-11-18Zheng HongMin
182008LPBid for Procurement of foreign trade agency service for Fu Dan University 2019-11-15Wang Xiao
182008LNBid for Procurement of Tableware in the North canteen of Handan Campus for Fu Dan University 2019-11-14Feng Luyan
182008LOBid for Procurement of Kitchen waste treatment equipment in the canteen of Handan Campus for Fu Dan University 2019-11-14Wang Xiao
18406111浦东新区北蔡社区Z000501单元03-02、03-03地块租赁住房项目一期节水评估及防汛论证服务 2019-11-14Li Lizao
18406112浦东新区北蔡社区Z000501单元03-02、03-03地块租赁住房项目一期竣工档案编制服务 2019-11-14Li Lizao
19100614Bid of Service for Property of Pudong Science and Technology Park 2019-11-14Zhao Lili
17602689Bid of property management and entrusted maintenance and repair projects of some equipment of the group 2019-11-12Wang Jin
182008LJBid for Procurement of Millimeter wave test system upgrade equipment for Fu Dan University 2019-11-11Feng Luyan
19100612Bid of Construction for Fire Fighting of Pudong Science and Technology Park 2019-11-07Zhao Lili
19100613Bid of Service for Security of Pudong Science and Technology Park 2019-11-07Zhao Lili
163365CBBid for GPU server of School of Electronics and Information Engineering, Tongji University 2019-11-04Xu Di
163365CCBid for Building (partial) property security service procurement project of Siping Road Campus for Tongji University 2019-11-04He Peilin
1720121917201219 2019-10-31Zheng HongMin
163365C9Bid for Huxi Express Cabinet (Center) Settings of Tongji University 2019-10-31Ruan Xiangru
18101227Bid of Procurement for the Air Conditioner of Zhangzhou Pujiangling Incineration Power Plant 2019-10-31Zhao Lili
19106803Bid of Service for Conservation of Water and Soil of YangShuPu Water Plant 2019-10-31Zhao Lili
19106804Bid of Service for Check of Design Document of YangShuPu Water Plant 2019-10-31Zhao Lili
18101226Bid of Procurement for the SCR Equipment of Zhangzhou Pujiangling Incineration Power Plant 2019-10-30Zhao Lili
19200101Bid for Procurement of storage device for Shanghai Clearing House 2019-10-30Liu Zhouye
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